TDS is committed to providing a safe work environment and effectively managing risk by consistently applying our systems and procedures.

Total Drafting Services has a safety vision that our operations will be injury free and that the company will be recognised as maintaining effective safety management practices. Total Drafting Services is committed to implementing, maintaining and continuously improving WHS&E in all areas of our operations to maintain a safe work environment for all employees, contractors, clients and visitors.

Total Drafting Services also has a responsibility as a corporate citizen that includes conducting business in a ways that protect and preserve the environment.

Work, Health & Safety

Total Drafting Services aims to operate and achieve an injury free workplace. This vision is not possible without the creation of an environment that actively encourages safe working practices, and which protects the health, safety and welfare of all persons.

To achieve this environment Total Drafting Services employs the following:

  • Provides and maintains healthy and safe work areas, plant and equipment.
  • Provides safe systems of work in the workplace to reduce accidents/incidents and minimise the risk of injury to personnel in the belief that all inquires can be prevented.
  • Established measurable objectives and seek continuous improvement in occupational health and safety performance.
  • Complies with all relevant legislative requirements including acts, regulations, standards and codes of practice, and where appropriate legislative requirements do not exist, adopt and apply appropriate standards that reflect the company’s commitment to health and safety.
  • Maintains a consultative approach to health and safety with the involvement of employees and contractors in an effort to improve the work health and safety performance.
  • Provides appropriate information, instructions and knowledge to all employees as well as competent health and safety training.
  • Ensure that all individual employees and contractors are competent and have appropriate accountabilities and responsibilities.
  • Communicate openly with employees and contractors on work health and safety issues.


In fulfilling our corporate responsibilities and objectives for environmental best practice, the company adheres to the following principles:

  • Ensure that the operations of Total Drafting Services have little or no negative impact on the environment.
  • Prevent pollution and waste.
  • Strive to constantly improve environment management, practices and performances.
  • Conduct operations in compliance with applicable environmental legislation, acts, regulations and codes of practice.
  • Ensure all employees, including subcontractors are aware of environmental responsibilities.
  • Periodic reviews of operations and assessment of company actions on the environment.

TDS regularly conduct reviews of our WHSE procedures both internally and via procurement of third party auditors. TDS believe continual development alongside our clients will ensure we consistently meet our goal of no incidents, injuries or environmental harm.